Project ECHO

Project ECHO is a modern telementoring program, linking medical professionals with principal care service providers across The state of alabama. These health care providers then receive hands-on training from these types of specialists in specialty caution, ultimately causing improved access and quality of patient care. Since its founding, the program has grown from a number states to 48 countries. Their motto is definitely “Moving understanding, not people. ”

Project ECHO includes a team of experts that include psychologists, behaviorists, geriatric psychiatrists, and professional counselors. They are really skilled in applying best-practice approaches to boost the caliber of care for all their clients. Additionally, the team works to train community providers in providing premium quality care and attention to individuals in their forums. In addition to its training curriculum, Project INDICATE offers girl services to participants. It also serves as the for other programs to follow along with.

This ground breaking model offers proven to be highly effective. It has been proven to improve treatment and solutions for affected individuals with complicated chronic circumstances, such as hepatitis C, opioid addiction, and mental healthiness. Project INDICATE has a developing network of participants, and aims to contact the lives of a billion dollars people by simply 2025. The model seems to have proven to work effectively across nationalities and professions. The objective of the system is to increase care for clients, while concurrently advancing the healthiness of society.

The project was launched at the University of New South america to connect a university-based Hepatitis C specialist to major care medical doctors. Today, this program facilitates virtual clinics where a team of specialists blends with a local community. Project REPLICATE participants as well become a part of an online learning community which includes both a virtual community and a multidisciplinary workforce of professionals. Project ECHO is a great example of the way the concept of telementoring works.